Moon Goat Farms

Moon Goat Farms

Always Fresh



Our menu changes weekly according to what's fresh, local, and in-season. With more than thirty varieties of crops, our customers have come to rely on us for a combination of quality and diversity that is hard to find and rewarding when you do. We are also here to work with you so if you have allergies or just simple dislikes contact us and we can customize your order.



 Our mission is to make good food more convenient. We build relationships with real people making great products to provide our customers with the highest quality, tasty and thoughtfully produced food available. To us, sharing stories is as important as sharing food. By connecting you to the people and the place where your food comes from we are not only turning dinner into discovery, but also making it more delicious. 

The Family

Its an family affire

Moon Goat Farms co-founders, Jarrod and Jodie and their sidekicks Ariah and Brixon, have had a passion for cooking with fresh ingredients ever since their children were born. With Jarrod's extensive knowledge of growing his own vegetables and a very keen chef it lead them to become avid gardeners. After building a large garden at their Farm they realized that they were destined to grow amazing fresh foods not only for them and their family but also for their neighbor’s.


Out of an ambition to start a family business where children Ariah (age 8) and Brixon (age 3) can learn the importance of eating right but also learning what it takes to run a business, they decided to create a company emphasizing their shared passions - food - and how it brings people together. Both knew that there were other big-box companies delivering brand-name groceries, but saw an opportunity to not only grow at their family Ranch but also to focus on just a few local purveyors who grew and created exceptional produce and provisions. In 2018, Moon Goat Farms was born.

Meet the Farmer

Jarrod Andrew



Jodie Marie



Ariah Rose


Director of planting

Brixon Zain


Director of watering and Master Taster

Modok Montgomery


Farm Dog 

Robbie Bobosa


Landscape Manager

Whos on the Farm

 Currently on the farm with have 2 Goats, 1 Lamb, 1 Sheep, 12 Chickens, 1 Rabbit, 2 Cats and a handsome Dog and plenty more space to extend the family.